The Find the Others Project is about finding each other. "Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence." This project elevates psychedelic societies as a resource for anyone who could benefit from and contribute to our varied communities. We mean it - our friends, family, and fellow humans – whether they are "experienced" or not. These substances are presently criminalized, stigmatized, and frequently misunderstood by those who do not use them—and sometimes by those that do! Our groups are committed to providing information about psychedelics.

For many years, narratives about psychedelics have presented a mostly negative representation, despite the reality that many people have used them safely for thousands of years, for healing, praying, and all kinds of personal growth. People naturally want to form community around shared experiences of transformation. Psychedelic societies are in-person (often multigenerational) communities where all people are invited to hear (or share) moving, inspiring, and educational stories about these beneficial substances.

Because of prohibition, many have not had the appropriate container to process and integrate intense psychedelic experiences. By investing in above-ground community, we encourage the sharing of knowledge and the telling of stories to help people find their way. You are not alone. Find the connections - find the Others!"


"As founders and representatives of psychedelic societies across the globe, we assert that people have a basic freedom to responsibly use psychedelics substances: for healing, for growth, for fun, and for personal, collective and spiritual exploration. We work to secure these rights in collaboration with allies within social, political, and scientific institutions. We support changes to existing national and international laws and governmental policies which would decriminalize and reschedule psychedelics, allowing for proper research and safe regulated access to stop pushing people into clandestine practices and the risks of the black market and penal system. We resolve to change the cultural dialogue surrounding psychedelic substances to accurately reflect what is known and steer it towards more productive and compassionate conclusions through education. Like mushrooms emerging after the rain, the global network of psychedelic societies is rising up as a public forum and voice for all the people who appreciate psychedelics."


what is a psychedelic society?

Psychedelic societies are citizen groups challenging the stigma associated with psychedelics substances through frank discussion of their risks and benefits. They are public forums where the experienced or merely curious may find quality information, in-person community, and peer support. Some events may be large and others relatively intimate. Psychedelic societies are diversely structured, hosting book clubs, panel discussions, speaker presentations, integration circles, or documentary viewings. Meetings typically orbit around some strange attractor in psychedelia, incorporating elements from ethnobotany, psychotherapy, science, or social history. Most societies have an online component to announce events and discuss news in psychedelic research and policy. Solicitation or distribution of illegal substances at society events is not tolerated.


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harm reduction

Taking psychedelics can cause profound changes in awareness. If you choose to experiment with psychedelics, do some reading first. Be sure of the identity and dosage of your substance. Be mindful of the mental state you are entering before you begin and take care that your surroundings are appropriate for a safe journey. For more information, see the links below:


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